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Empowering kids & teens to take control of anxiety and navigate life’s challenges in a way that builds resilience, grows confidence and sets them up on the road to a thriving future.

Set your child up on the road to a thriving future.

Taking Control of Anxiety Program for kids & teens

Empowering kids & teens with the tools they need to reduce anxiety and build resilience so they can head into the future with confidence.

Let confidence and resilience become your child’s superpowers!


Powerful online programs, events and in person workshops providing families and educators with the knowledge and practical skills needed to take control anxiety, build resilience and grow confidence in kids & teens.


Are you needing some expert advice on a matter that is keeping you or your child stuck?


Engaging and inspiring presentations that deliver powerful insights and practical takeaways.

The Revolutionaries

Raising resilient and confident kids and teens is not an easy gig, but you are not alone. Just like most Mums, I found myself so busy looking after everyone else’s needs that I neglected my own. That was until I realised that I couldn’t care for others while continuing to run on an empty tank so I traded in my martyrdom badge and started prioritising my needs too. I’m now really passionate about helping Mums revolutionise the way they look after the wellbeing of their families by focusing on their own wellbeing first.

The Revolutionaries is a positive, inspiring and supportive community of amazing Mums who are focusing on their own wellbeing so they can thrive and in doing so create a ripple effect which allows their whole family to thrive also.

This is a place where you can get the support, tips, inspiration and encouragement needed to overcome the daily challenges of Mum life and thrive despite them.

I look forward to chatting to you and getting to know you better in the group.

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