Private Consultations

Tools for your family's wellbeing

Private consultations for Parents, Educators, Kids & Teens

Is your child or teen struggling with anxiety or another persistent problem that doesn’t seem to be improving no matter how much help you give them?

Or are you wanting some advice on how you can best support your child when they are dealing with tricky feelings like anxiety?

Maybe you are an educator who wants to learn more about creating a classroom environment that provides students with more opportunities to build resilience and confidence?

No matter the problem, I can certainly help. Having extensive experience in all matters relating to the mental health and wellbeing of kids, teens and their families it allows me to support you by sharing my knowledge, practical tools and straight forward advice relating to your specific problem.

I can help you move through challenges such as:

Small concerns often grow into larger problems if avoided and if timely action isn’t taken. Don’t waste any more time feeling stuck or unsure of what to do next. Book a private consultation now and I will address your concern quickly and effectively.

All private consultations are highly confidential and your privacy will be respected at all times. Private consultations are available for kids & teens (8-18 years), parents and educators.

1 Hour Consultation – $180 AUD

General wellbeing consulting
Schools and early childhood centres

I am available to consult with schools and early childhood centres to respond to specific identified needs, plan wellbeing supports for students or staff and also to facilitate professional development training for staff and parents.