Engaging presentations that make a real impact

Inspiring and motivating audiences with a down to earth and practical approach to life. Available for school, community, corporate, private or online events.

Do you want to make a real impact?

My goal when presenting is to engage audiences while planting the seeds for mindset shifts, immediate action and long-lasting change. I deliver highly engaging presentations which allow me to share my knowledge and passion in all matters relating to the mental health and wellbeing of children, teenagers, parents, and educators.

With extensive experience as a teacher, school guidance counsellor, workshop facilitator, business owner and most importantly a Mum, I use my gift of sharing my wealth of knowledge to improve the lives of others. Empowering others is my passion and I speak straight to the heart of matter with honesty, common sense and little bit of humour.

I am available to present at school, corporate, community, private and online events. Please make contact with me to discuss how I can create a presentation that delivers the outcomes your organisation is searching for.

My favourite topics:

Lena provided a very practical and straight talking parent workshop to our community. Her down to earth insights engaged parents in developing confidence to support their own children in building resilience. I would highly recommend Lena to any school community.

We loved hearing from Lena in two different workshops. She helped our staff learn about the importance of resilience and how we can support our students, and also did the same for our parents in a separate workshop. Lena has such a “real”, grounded, and relatable style of presenting. However, she also comes with a wealth of expertise and experience that allowed her to provide very practical and effective recommendations for parents and teachers.”

It was an honour to have Lena from The Resilience Revolution deliver a presentation to our Mothers called the Wellbeing Reset. This presentation was very well received by our community. I found Lena to be an intuitive speaker who was able to connect with her audience while keeping them engaged and enthralled at the same time. I look forward to attending Lena's next presentation.

General wellbeing consulting
Schools and early childhood centres

I am available to consult with schools and early childhood centres to respond to specific identified needs, plan wellbeing supports for students or staff and also to facilitate professional development training for staff and parents.

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