Coaching Packages

for kids & teens

Private, Online Coaching for Kids and Teens

Individualised support for children 8-18 years

Is your child struggling with a persistent problem that doesn’t seem to be improving no matter how much help you give them?

Is your teen navigating some challenges or become completely off track in a specific area of their life?

Are you concerned about your child’s future and want to ensure that they have the skills to handle anything that life throws at them?

In these private coaching sessions, I work on creating opportunities for kids and teens to build their confidence, develop their resilience and create positive changes in their lives.

In my twenty years of experience working in education, I have worked as a day care teacher, classroom teacher and school guidance counsellor in primary and secondary schools within both rural and urban communities. As well as my educational and guidance counselling qualifications, I am also trained in many other areas of mental health, always keeping up to to date with industry and educational best practice. 

I am proud to have supported thousands of children and their families to navigate the challenges of life and committed to providing opportunities for kids and teens to learn the knowledge and skills needed to develop good mental health and wellbeing. There’s no doubt that good mental health and wellbeing is the key to your child living a thriving life now and into the future.

I provide private coaching in many common areas which kids and teens find challenging such as:

Building genuine connections

My priority is to make sure your child feels safe, supported and understood while giving them the tools and resources to get them back on the road to a thriving future. I have extensive experience and expertise to work with children and teens around any area that is challenging them.

Online Coaching Packages

6 week and 12 week individual coaching packages are available and are tailored to your child or teens unique needs and desired outcomes.

Packages include:


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